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A native Californian, Terry Sutherland is an avid gardener, fly-fisherman, food and wine lover, and traveler.

As a youth, he was fascinated by the play of light and color through prisms and lenses. He planned to pursue a career in optical physics, until he stumbled into a photography class in high school, and something “clicked”. Terry discovered that he could capture infinite aspects of light on film, and he displayed a natural aptitude with a camera. Recognizing Terry’s potential, his photo instructor, Ed Bogenschild, urged him to enter his work in local photography contests.

Terry’s early images garnered gold and silver medals at the Los Angeles County Fair, and earned him First Place in Kodak’s National Scholastic Photo Competition. He then submitted a portfolio of his work to a contest co-sponsored by United Way and Art Center College of Design, the premier college for commercial photography and design in the country. He was awarded the Sweepstakes Prize: a scholarship to Art Center.

While at Art Center, Terry also participated in several Ansel Adams Workshops in Yosemite and Carmel. Those seminars afforded him the opportunity to work directly with Ansel Adams and other noteworthy fine art photographers, and to benefit from their critiques of his work.

As sole proprietor of Sutherland Photo Design, a commercial photography studio in Chatsworth, California, Terry has achieved national and international recognition for his product and industrial design photography. At the same time, he has produced an extensive portfolio of fine art images, which are displayed in galleries, personal art collections, restaurants, and corporate spaces.

Terry lives with his wife and daughter in Southern California.
Artist's Statement
My eye is drawn to details – the crumbling stucco of a Venetian wall, the curl of old paint on a rusted metal sign, the ragged edge of a leaf chewed by a caterpillar. Inspired and motivated by light, color texture and design, I look for the radiance that exists within everything – especially that which, at first glance, appears to be opaque.

My job, and my joy, is to bring forth the subtle and intense beauty of ordinary things. I find that my work evokes a variety of responses, and people are often moved to share memories, dreams, and great travel stories - and that’s my favorite part of all.

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